I don't have an audiojack on my computer and i want to use my SONOS as my computer speaker. How to get around this? Tuneblade + Airport Express (or other airplay enabled device) + SONOS.

Tuneblade enables your computer to speak the language of airplay, it does this by mimicking how an iPhone would normally be able to connect to airplay. As far as other airplay receivers are concerned your computer and an iPhone is the same thing when using this setup.

Sonos restricts their devices to their own system and have chosen not to support airplay. This is an issue since we need to connect to our speaker using tuneblade, but because tuneblade cannot speak directly with the SONOS device we need to find another solution.

To get around this we need to use another airplay enabled device, such as an airport express or an old iPhone, we also need to put our SONOS in Line-In mode.

Set-up your airport extreme and make it extend your current network, or if you don't have a network create a new one (Do not use ethernet when extending an airport network as this is not supported by Apple by some odd reason).

Set-up your SONOS device to use the same network as your airport device.

When you have set up your SONOS device using the SONOS app on windows, put SONOS in Line-in mode.

Connect Airport Express audio jack with 3.5mm cable into SONOS line-in port. Fire up tuneblade and connect to your airport express.

Go into Tuneblade Preferences > AirPlay Streaming and set Tuneblade to Real-time Streaming.

If everything work correctly you should now have sweet sounds coming out of your Tuneblade + Airport Express (or other airplay enabled device) + SONOS - setup.

Hope this helps.