A new major ghost release

Ghost 1.0 had it's public release on the 27 July 2017 bringing major changes to the platform complete with a re-hauled installation and upgrading process.

Image of Ghost installation in Softaculous

Softaculous, an integrated auto-installer for cPanel, had previously created their own installer for Ghost. Their installer was never officially supported by the Ghost team and caused a lot of overhead and headaches for the Ghost Developer Team.

It's been a support overhead nightmare for our team all this time. Hannah Wolfe, lead developer at Ghost.org

After inquiring with the softaculous team about the new Ghost platform i received a response stating that they will end support for the ghost platform due to the backend changes introduced in Ghost 1.0.

Unfortunately we will not be able to provide the auto installation for Ghost 1.x due to several requirements by Ghost.

We have just published a blog post regarding the same :

Please let us know if you need any further information.

Their blog-post reads:

Ghost team released v1.0.0 recently which includes several changes in the install process.

This version of Ghost officially supports only Ubuntu 16.04 and NGINX webserver only as mentioned on their install guide.

There are other requirements as well that are generally available only on a VPS or Dedicated server and hence Ghost cannot run on a cPanel/Shared hosting server. This is confirmed by the Ghost team as well and they have mentioned the same on their install guide.

Due to the above restrictions we will have to remove Ghost from our scripts list. We have planned to remove Ghost from our scripts list after 15 days i.e. 15th August 2017

You can refer to the following install guide of Ghost which gives the details about the requirements to run Ghost :


The Softaculous Team


I hosted my website on softaculous prior to Ghost 1.0, what should i do now?

M&M is currently in the process of moving from a shared hosting plan to a VPS, we will share what we learn from this process in a future series. As with all of our guides we will explain the moving process thoroughly.

Our Ghost 1.0 options include:

  1. Managing our own server. This is a fantastic learning opportunity to bridge the gap into managing your own server. M&M will help you along the way with helpful guides in the near future.

  2. If you'd rather just have everything be set up for you automatically, at a premium price, you might want to have a look at ghost's managed server found here (link).

Softaculous.com will remove the installation process from their auto-installer but current ghost installations on version 0.11.11 remains unaffected but will not be able to upgrade to 1.0. Hannah from Ghost emphasized that the Ghost Team never supported softaculous installs in the first place due to compatibility issues with the softaculous platform.

Hope this helps.