If you're using Rebrandly with the Bit.ly importer and bit.ly is using an old custom domain that you no longer use to link to your target URLs chances are that your branded links will stop working because they reach a dead-end with the bit.ly redirection.

There is an easy fix to relink your custom URL's so that they work again if your bit.ly integration is broken.

Inside of Rebrandly.com:

  1. click on ┬┤apps┬┤

  2. Press Goo.gl connector

  3. Link Rebrandly with Goo.gl

  4. Go to the domain that redirected to the old bit.ly link

  5. Press edit

  6. Press save

  7. Notice how the rebrandly link updates to using goo.gl for redirection!

Optional steps

  1. Disconnect goo.gl and reconnect bit.ly if you want to.

Hope this helps.