Below is a summary on how to create an custom url that links to your Skype username. When somebody clicks on your link they will be prompted to add your Skype handle to their Skype contact-list, making it easy to get in touch with you. The following method will make your skype-link tracable using your own shortdomain.

The method involes prompting the user's browser to open skype and add your skype-handle to their contact list. This is done with the skype:SKYPENAMEHERE?add function.

  1. Replace 'SKYPENAMEHERE' with your skype name skype:SKYPENAMEHERE?add and copy your modify version with [CTRL]+[C].

  2. We need to prompt the users browser to recognize this function. Use to shorten your version of skype:SKYPENAMEHERE?add. skype:SKYPENAMEHERE?add is a browser function that prompts the users computer to open skype. Other URL Shorteners like or Rebrandly does not recognize skype:SKYPENAMEHERE?add as a valid input, because of this we use to do this for us.

  3. test Next we are going to rebrand our link that 'holds' our skype-information so that it is tracable. It is not possible to rebrand other URL-Shorteners inside another url-shortener, for example, gives and error when shortening an link. One work around for this is to create a new subdomain for you domain and redirect the subdomain to the link. By doing this we can rebrand our subdomain with our link shortener. (See above picture for visual reference)

  4. After setting up your subdomain, use your URL-shortening of choice to shorten the subdomain address, this way you can see were your visitors are clicking the link from. I recommend Rebrandly.

Hope this helps.

Source: Stackoverflow

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