If you get the error *** * * Problem accessing your scenes! * * *** you can solve it using Protonz guide on Reddit, found here.

What resolved the issue

After a week of trying I finally fixed the *** Problem accessing your scenes! *** problem.
If anyone runs into this in the future:

  1. Open Hue app on phone
  2. Tap Settings (gear)
  3. Tap 'Hue Bridges'
  4. Tap 'i' for information on the bridge
  5. Tap 'Clean up', then 'Clean up' again. This will reset all the scenes back to factory settings, it kept the light names and rooms as they were.
  6. Now open IFTTT on phone.
  7. Tap 'My Aplets'
  8. Tap Settings (gear)
  9. Tap Services > Tap Philips Hue
  10. Tap Settings (gear) (settings for Hue)
  11. Tap 'Edit Connection'
  12. Open in a browser, I find Chrome works best
  13. Finish allowing the connection. Done! Scenes should show up now.
    The annoying part is you need to do step 6-13 any time you add a new scene. But I'm fine with that as long as it works!

Full Credits to /u/Protonz for finding the solution to this problem.