If you are using Google Drive and you're trying to save projects in Autodesk Maya but you are unable to do so you might have encountered an issue between how Google Drive handles folders and how Windows handles them.


When accessing a file-path in windows the directory is invalid. This can be caused when Google Drive is used on the system. Google Drive allows for multiple folders with the same name (when a user creates folders in the web-GUI), because windows does not allow same named-folders in the same directory there is a conflict and what happens ‘behind the scenes’ is that windows creates a symbolic link to the troublesome folder(s) and because the ‘real’ file-path does not exist windows throws an error.

Try this

Drag-and-drop the troublesome folder into a Command Prompt window, after doing so remove the question mark (?) from the path. If you are experiencing this problem you should get the following error when doing so: the system cannot find the path specified. The question-mark before the file-path makes it impossible to save files to that location.

In autodesk Maya you will see the following error which makes it impossible to save your projects (The directory is not vaild):


  1. Manually re-create your folders and name them in one whole name without any special characters/spaces in the name. To be sure that this will work, create a new folder in windows file explorer and let it sync to Google Drive. To save you time from manually moving files between the two folders and having Google Drive checking that each file has been moved, navigate to drive.google.com (or your G-SUITE equivalent). Inside your drive you will now see two folders with the same name. Move all files from the oldest created folder to the newest one you just created in your OS file directory. After doing so, delete the old folder and wait for drive to move your files on your desktop computer.

  2. If above mentioned does NOT WORK, you should try reformatting the drive and change drive letter of troublesome disk. Make sure no files are automatically created when drive is formated. If so, change drive letter again and reformat again. After doing so, do option 1 again.

Let me know if this worked out for you.

Additional keywords:
the system cannot find the path specified questionmark (?).
Location is not available.