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Extension conflicts

If you experience frequent issues with Chrome it might be due to an extension you have installed.

Adblockers and Privacy Defenders like UBlock Origin and Privacy Badger are great to keep tracking cookies at bay and make your browsing experience less ad-full. Sometimes though, these plugins might mess up a website.

There is an easy way to resolve these errors. Enter the plugin and play around with the settings that appear red and turn them on or off and see if the site starts working. A good way to troubleshoot is to look at the URL in the navigation bar and see if there is any corresponding URL's in the plugin.

Below are a few examples of when these applications messes up websites:

If you are unable to login to Pinterest and recieve the error Failed to Fetch, Pinterest login this is due to a Privacy Badger setting. Look after a red stop-light and the text, make the stoplight yellow to partialy block the setting and everything should be back to normal and you can login again.

If you don't have Privacy badger or uBlock origin installed (you should install them!) check if you have any similar plugins that blocks content on a website by going to your browsers settings.

In Chrome you can check this in the: chrome://extensions tab, FireFox stores plugins in the addons in about:addons, if you are using IE my suggestion is to upgrade to either FireFox or Chrome.

Use CTRL + F to search quickly on this page.

Generally, other adblockers or privacy enhancher might break a site, so look out for those if you have one installed. The fastest way without jumping into the terminal (IDE) is to disable the extensions one by one and see if the page works correctly.

Old cookies and Cache

If you don't have any extension conflicts you might have old cookies lying around in your browser. A cookie is a container that websites uses to store information about your usage of the website locally on your computer. The cache are files of the website itself.

These old cookies and cache might sometimes mess up a website so it's a good idea to restore them to default (delete them) if you experience any problems. PLEASE NOTE: Removing cookies may delete any login data that you might have stored in the browser, this means that if you automatically login-in to google when you go to your google account, you would need to retype your password after deleting your cache and cookies.

You can restore your browser cookies and cache to default, along with other useful settings, in your browser settings window.

In chrome, type the following into the addressbar: chrome://settings. Open the advanced section and go down to Privacy and security > clear browsing data. Inside of this window, set the Clear the following items from... to the beginning of time. Check the Cached images and files & Cookies and other site data and hit CLEAR BROWSING DATA.

Other alternatives

If you still can't resolve your browser issue, and can't login to a website or access a page after doing this. Start with the basics. Reboot your computer, if that does not work, remove and reinstall the troubling application. Your computer might have catched a really bad flue. Check if you have virus in your computer by using /u/cuddlychops06 guide on Reddit found here.

If you still cann't get your browser to work after this please post below and i will do my best to help you out.


  • Disable extensions one by one and check if the site comes back to normal.
  • Clear Cookies and Cache, old cache files might interfere with new ones, clear the old ones out.
  • If all else fails start with the basics. Reboot your computer and reinstall the troubling application.
  • If you are still experiencing browser issues your computer might have catched a cold. Check if you have virus in your computer by using /u/cuddlychops06 guide on Reddit found here.

Hope this helps.